Scumbag compilation on Mixcloud Monday Gonzo Circus

We had the honor of being interviewed by Dutch magazine Gonzo Circus when we were in the Netherlands. They included us in their Mixcloud Monday. Here you can listen to my duet with Princess Frank from the movie Scumbag along with some other amazing tunes. I will provide a little back-story regarding this song. We were not sure this part of the movie was going to make it in, if it was even possible for an indie film to pull off. Princess Frank had less than a week to write this song. We came up with lyrics on the fly that day when we were in the studio. Most people have to rehearse for weeks before they would dare set foot in the studio. I showed up and there he was with almost all of the tracks laid down. I think most would crack under that pressure but not him. There are truly some creative geniuses in this film. It was an amazing challenge to execute something this quickly. Indie film always shows you what you are made of. It doesn't afford the coddling of weeks or months of rehearsals and everything written for you. You sometimes are allowed creative input and control you would not otherwise be allowed in large budget productions. It was an honor to work on this song with Princess Frank and to actually see him in action. Have a listen HERE

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