Scumbag Buzz Party San Diego at Studio 79

Scumbag just completed another Buzz party! This time it was a few blocks from San Diego's Comic-con. The show took place July 23rd at Studio 79. There were a number of great performers that acted in the movie as well as Director Mars Roberge in the performance line-up. Princess Frank, Die J!! Mars, She Said, Swiss Melon Campy, Camille Waldorf, Lightfinger, Spookey Ruben, Dj 1979, and myself included! I was super happy to perform a duet "Is This Real" with co-star Princess Frank that we created specifically for the movie. When I say we, I showed up to a recording studio one night and Princess Frank had already laid down most of the tracks and we still needed lyrics. So we sat in the yard out front and finished them. The creation of the song was that fast because he is musically a genius. I have never seen someone record and create in studio that quickly! Truly honored to witness it, and to contribute. This particular show reminded me of what it may have been like to be a part of Warhol's Factory. Such an artistic original group of talent.

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