NewFilmmakers LA Red Carpet Pics

My Filmmaker fiance' Mars Roberge won the audience award for best film at NewFilmmakers LA 2015 for his film The Little House That Could. The film is a documentary about Sex and the City Stylist Patricia Field and her store in NYC. It is a story of misfits, LGBT people, artists, musicians, with a message about acceptance. He dedicated the award to the victims (and their families) of the Orlando massacre. All people no matter what shape, size, look, or orientation should feel safe on this planet. It doesn't matter what you believe, at very least can we all agree that violence against the LGBT community, women, minorities, and anyone who is different from the norm is wrong? Toxic masculinity and poor human programming are a problem and we should let people live their lives even if we do not fully understand them or how they do things. No one is ever fully understood in this life. You do not have to understand anyone to leave them alone.

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