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"Equal parts regal pixie pinup, quirky coquette, and elegant bibliothecary, artistic maven Debra Haden is a dizzying multi-hyphenate. The actress, model, designer, animator, musician, producer, and ventriloquist (!) truly embodies each of her talents and curates her various portfolios on several platforms. A few things are certain. Haden may be the pinnacle of all things "feminine" in presentation  but her special brand of whimsy and eccentricity elevate her above being anyone's muse. She's the thinking man's enchantress, unapologetically accomplishing her visions with dexterity and grace."  Sapna Ghandi 

"Debra Haden soars as Bianca, capturing both grit and vulnerability and a sense that she's aware she could easily be among these women she works to protect." The Independent Critic

'Debra Haden's sense of costume is disgustingly great." Lund International Film Festival Critic

"It's a subtle but impassioned performance Haden provides, and certainly endears you to the character, eliciting sincere feelings of empathy for Bianca's plight." One Film Fan - Kirk S. Fernwood


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